Comix Report: The Week In Review.

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This Week’s Extracts. ↓

Ross Jackson’s Live Rock Part 1: Aquarium Life

ross jackson live rock

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B’GOK – Foodge is the Future (vol 1) by Ryan Morris

bgok ryan morris

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Collected John G. Miller 2000/2011.

John G Miller

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Afternoon Pockets by Bhanu Pratap.

Afternoon Pockets

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This Week’s Comix Report Interviews. ↓

Sean Knickerbocker of Rust Belt Review

Comics are in this weird place right now … We’re getting all of the gatekeeping and none of the benefits.”

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Brian Baynes of Bubbles Zine

“I wanted to bring a little spark of comic fanzine life back into comics”

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News. ↓

Kickstarter: Steve Lafler’s Dog Boy 40th Anniversary Collection.

Steve Lafler is planning on celebrating the 40th anniversary of Dog Boy with the release of Dog Boy Choice Cuts & Happy Endings. Collecting the best of 80s Dog Boy, this 328 page collection will include new cover art and sundry notes. You can get an April release copy as well as original artwork via the Dog Boy Kickstarter.



The week’s review links.

Comics Journal

Infinite ©uck by Josh Cotter

I Am The Law: How Judge Dredd Predicted Our Future by Michael Molcher

Optical Sloth

You’re the Center of Attention by Gina Wynbrandt

Slight Return by Brett Hamil

Womp Womp #3 by Brandon Lehmann

Broken Frontier

The Collected John G. Miller 1980-89, 1990-1999, 2000-2011

Standing Outside the Station, Sweating by Alex Potts

The Magic Necklace by Claire Napier


Rituals by Nicole Goux

We’re All Just Fine by Ana Penyas

Woman in The Woods and Other North American Stories by Various


Mini Comic Awards Winners

The winners of the 2023 Mini Comic Awards have been announced.

Drumroll, please….

Best Autobio: <now I can never know you more than those white walls>. by Edgar

Best Horror: Sediment by Bhanu Pratap

Best Sci-fi: SPEIROCHORY by Karenza Sparks

Best Fantasy: Why don’t you like me? by Gaia Papoila

Best Romance: when it started by Leecie

Great. Though I personally feel the Mini Comic Awards would benefit enormously from the addition of a “What the **** is this?” category.

Watch the ceremony. ↓


Strangers Publishing opens comic submissions for 2023/24.

Strangers Publishing is taking comic submissions for potential fourth quarter 2023  or 2024 publication, with a heavy preference for unique looking genre comics.

Read the details. ↓


* Thanks to Brad Curry for getting me to take a closer look at Strangers.


This Week’s Indie Releases. ↓

Ultrafugu Vs Fugamera by Cameron Hatheway

Ultrafugu by Camron Hatheway

What began as a boring assignment in Antarctica quickly turns into a monster problem as the creature known as Fugamera emerges from the ice, ready for destruction. Can Ultrafugu stop the beast and save the day once again? Or will Fugamera leave him shell-shocked?

​A loving homage to all-things Kaiju. Back cover by Rachel Leah Gallo. Includes a holographic sticker.

Ultrafugu by Cameron Hatheway

Buy a copy from Cameron’s store this March and stand a chance to win the original artwork from the holographic sticker design.

Ultrafugu Vs Fugamera by Cameron Hatheway. 36 pages, B&W. $5.


Feeling by Evan M. Cohen

Feeling by Evan M. Cohen

“A story of love and connection, letting yourself be free and finding the beauty in the cycle of life.”

36 pages. 9.75″ x 7.5″. 4 Colour Risograph. Printed by Risolve Studio.


Brain School by Jam

Brain School by Jam

Brain School by Jam

“A comic perzine about starting mental health treatment.”

Mini Zine. Reversible. Printed on baby blue 8.5×11 paper.



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