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  • Feedback, submissions, news, thoughts, rants, etc. are always welcome. Please send them to devin[at]alternative-comics[dot]com
  • To submit a comic for showcase, send 2 – 6 fair sized sequential sample pages in a common image format to the above email address. Alternatively, you can send a download link to a pdf of the full comic from which sample pages can be extracted. Please also include a short description of the work, number of pages, etc. and a link to your website and preferred sales platform. Unfortunately, alternative-comics.com only considers English language works.

Alternative comics (aka “alt comics” or “alt comix”) are, in the broadest sense, comics that stand apart from mass market values, in terms of subject matter, form, and/or mode of distribution. It’s something of a nebulous concept, and there isn’t a universal consensus about the specifics of what the term encompasses. Much of the work associated with the term seeks to subvert expectations, challenge societal values, or deconstruct/re-appropriate facets of popular media. Other features that tend to characterize the phenomenon include being created by a single auteur (rather than a separate writer and artist), not fitting neatly into a classic genre (despite often playing with genre tropes), and being motivated by authentic self-expression, more than commercial concerns. Cartoonists themselves may or may not identify with the term – many resist such labelling as reductive – but the definition of what is “alternative” is generally based on readers’ interests and expectations rather than creators’ self-designation.

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