Ross Jackson’s Live Rock Part 1: Aquarium Life

At the heart of Live Rock 1 we find an aquarium, a lump of ominous choral, and a slacker roommate’s declaration of the interconnectedness of all things. From there, various narrative strands stretch out and around a mid-sized Florida city, taking in teens, defunct developments, the natural world, security guards and control freaks. Order vs. wildness. Sterility vs. creativity. Interesting. Nice sense of propulsion. Feels like everything’s going somewhere. Friendly and easy going.

Live Rock Part 1: Aquarium Life by Ross Jackson. 52 pages. 7.25” x 10.5”. Riso printed in bright olive green, melon, light lime, bubble-gum, and cornflower ink on off-white paper.

Ross Jackson is a founding member of the Secret Room risograph printing studio in Portland, Oregon.


ross jackson live rock 01

ross jackson live rock 02

ross jackson live rock 03

ross jackson live rock 04

ross jackson live rock 05

ross jackson live rock 06

3 thoughts on “Ross Jackson’s Live Rock Part 1: Aquarium Life

  1. I’ve seen him present live at Floating World in Portland and the story came alive. The illustrations are great, especially if you can identify with growing up in the South Eastern US.

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