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Power Wash by Josh Pettinger

Josh Pettinger has been putting out Goiter, his one man anthology series, for the better part of a decade now. Using it to ink up an increasingly accomplished series of screwball but brilliantly observed takes on modern living.

Power Wash follows Tedward, much loved Goiter staple and ever earnest underachiever, as he deals with heartbreak, courts success, encounters orgies and takes up high-pressure cleaning.

You can read a review here:

Seriously, though, everyone who knows about these things agrees: Pettinger is just getting stronger and stronger as a cartoonist. If you haven’t checked him out before, now is a great time to do so.

Power Wash by Josh Pettinger. 32 Pages. Color covers. B/W interior.

powerwash 01
powerwash 02
powerwash 03
powerwash 04
powerwash 05

Is this Tedward’s chance to dream the American dream? Will he succeed? Or will he end up sleeping with the lights on and wake up screaming? Read Power Wash and find out.

News & Links

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London, UK: Sat 4th Feb 2023. @ Gosh Comics: Paul B. Rainey (Why Don’t You Love Me?) 1 – 2pm, plus Patrick Kyle at 7 – 9pm.

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