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Floyd Tangeman’s Miasma Myopia

Floyd Tangeman is probably best known for putting out a series of experimental, lets even say avant-garde, anthologies through Deadcrow, his art comic publishing outfit.

With Miasma Myopia, a year in the making and clocking in at 32 pages, we now have Tangeman’s first full length solo work. As you’d expect, it carries the same sense of untameable wildness as his publishing and editorial output.

In other words, Miasma Myopia is not an art comic in the sense of being a fussy demonstration of form and technique. It’s a lot more primal (and engaging?) than all that.

You can read a review from Brian Nicholson here:

Miasma Myopia by Floyd Tangeman. 32 pages. Color cover, black and white interiors.

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News & Links

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