New Release: Ultrafugu Vs Fugamera by Cameron Hatheway

Ultrafugu by Camron Hatheway

What began as a boring assignment in Antarctica quickly turns into a monster problem as the creature known as Fugamera emerges from the ice, ready for destruction. Can Ultrafugu stop the beast and save the day once again? Or will Fugamera leave him shell-shocked?

​A loving homage to all-things Kaiju. Back cover by Rachel Leah Gallo. Includes a holographic sticker.

Ultrafugu by Cameron Hatheway

Buy a copy from Cameron’s store this March and stand a chance to win the original artwork from the holographic sticker design.

Ultrafugu Vs Fugamera by Cameron Hatheway. 36 pages, B&W. $5.

Alt Comics: Rich Tommaso, Clusterfux Comix #5 + News & Links.

Black Phoenix Rich Tommaso Cover

Black Phoenix Vol. 1 by Rich Tommaso

Black Phoenix is, at its core, a contemporary comics magazine featuring original characters and stories of various comics genres—all dreamed up by its sole author, Rich Tommaso. Don’t be fooled by the pseudonyms inside—he changes names as often as drawing styles. But, the magazine is also like a walk through comics history itself. Each volume of these golden age, pulp styled digest anthologies is headed up by a long-form comics adventure which is backed up by a bunch of short-form comics—all in the same genre or flavor.

Black Phoenix Vol. 1 by Rich Tommaso. 136pages. Color. Due 28th Feb 2023. Pre-orders available at various online retailers.

Black Phoenix Rich Tommaso 01
Black Phoenix Rich Tommaso 02
Black Phoenix Rich Tommaso 03
Black Phoenix Rich Tommaso 04

Clusterfux Comix #5

The fifth issue of Cameron Hatheway’s Clusterfux Comix anthology is out now, including a sheet of Flippitoons trading cards designed by James Fletcher.

Contributors: James Fletcher, Alex Daikaiju, Miguel Elias Aguilar, Umberto Tonella, Catalina Rufín, Samuel Cleggett, Tanha Comics, Dylan Henty, Dave Neeson, J. Webster Sharp, Cameron Zavala, Jason Covelli, Ryan King, mattchee, Isaac Roller, Anthony Aiuppy, Jacob Fleming, Charlie Sisemore, Cameron Hatheway.

Clusterfux Comix #5. 156 pages. B&W. 8.5″x11″.

Clusterfux 01
Clusterfux 02
Clusterfux 03
Clusterfux 04
Clusterfux 05
Clusterfux 06

News & Links

Fantagraphics’s Tits & Clits 1972-1987 gets good pre-release press from Publisher’s Weekly.

John Porcellino’s King Cat #82 reviewed on Optical Sloth.

Liv Stromquist’s The Reddest Rose reviewed on AIPT.

Tessa Brunton’s Notes From A Sickbed reviewed on Solrad.

Ho Che Anderson interview on CBR.

Fantagraphics Feb releases.

New Cartoonist Cooperative spearheaded by Sloane Leong and others soft launches with newsletter.

If you’re near Seattle on Feb 20th: Drawn & Quarterly at the 2023 Winter Institute.

Peter K Rostovsky’s debut graphic novel, Damnation Diaries, is now available for pre-order @ Uncivilized + Barnes & Noble/Amazon/Target.

Read Party Downer by Gemma Correll on NIB.

Brooklyn’s Last Secret by Leslie Stein extract from D&Q.

New Chris Cilla T-shirt. Limited quantity. Hot stuff.

Daily drawing from Cilla’s Patreon.


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