Alt Comics #9: But is it…Comic Aht? #4, Machine Detective + News & Links.

But is it…Comic Aht? #4

The fourth issue of Austin English and August Lipp’s intermittent magazine of comics culture, But is it…Comic Aht?, is due for dropping sometime in April (or thereabouts).

August Lipp
August Lipp

Unsurprisingly, given the names behind it, But is it…Comic Aht? is a periodical with a purpose and a lot of thought behind it.

To quote Mr. English:

In starting a new print magazine about comics, it’s my hope that some ideas and conversations might be preserved with an ounce of the dignity that the mediums art offers. Online criticism and discussion is important, but fades away extremely quickly and seems driven by argument rather than reflection. Early issues of The Comics Journal offered quiet pages for artists to study, piecing together the practices and ideas of favorite artists in lengthy interviews. After a month of thinking about what a cartoonist said in a discussion, some debate of those ideas would appear in the next months letter column. The weight  of a cartoonists words could be digested, embraced, rejected and most importantly THOUGHT about, rather then reacted to. 

Chaia Startz
Chaia Startz

Issue #4 is set to feature original comics and art, as well as written pieces, long form interviews, et cetera. Including: covers by August Lipp and Mollie Goldstrom, comics by David King, Victor Cayro, Chaia Stratz, John Mejias, a long interview with Chris Cilla by Tim Goodyear, a feature on David Lasky by Megan Kelso, and lots more besides.

Yes, please.

Victor Cayro
Victor Cayro
Victor Cayro
John Mejias
John Mejias

But is it…Comic Aht? #4, edited by Austin English and August Lipp. $8, 72 pages, newsprint, 8.5″ x 11″.

Pre-order now at Domino:

The Machine Detective by Dustin and Nick Holland.

Machine Detective Cover Dustin and Nick Holland

The Machine Detective: A Friendly Wager is a heart-warming comedic tale of murder, mystery and dystopia, the outcome of an art and printmaking collaboration between brothers Dustin and Nick Holland. Writing for TCJ, Ryan Carey called it “…a comic absolutely bristling with creative energy and intent…” And so it is.

The second edition, I’m told, is selling out quickly.

Machine Detective Dustin and Nick Holland 01
Machine Detective Dustin and Nick Holland 02
Machine Detective Dustin and Nick Holland 03
Machine Detective Dustin and Nick Holland 04
Machine Detective Dustin and Nick Holland 05
Machine Detective Dustin and Nick Holland 06

Who says punk’s dead?

The Machine Detective: A Friendly Wager by Dustin and Nick Holland. 60 pages. 8.5″ x 11″. Black and White interiors with color covers. Handmade.

News & Links

The Rust Belt Review is accepting submissions for Volume 6.

Golden Record by Rosemary Valero-O’Connell opens for pre-order on Silver Sprocket.

Nate Garcia’s Plum Pocket is dropping within the next 24 hours and includes a one page painting by Simon Hanselmann.

Read Consumption and Transformation by Jason Novak on TCJ.

The Centre for Cartoon Studies opens applications for Cornish Residency Fellowship.

Kate Beaton (Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands) interviewed on BBC radio.

Silver Sprocket releases list of their top 200 selling indie titles of 2022.

Quimby’s Feb Newsletter.

Los Bros Hernandez interviewed on Broken Frontier.

Another Comics Daze with Lars Ingebrigtsen.

Uncivilized Books newsletter.


Desperate Measures by M.S. Harkness reviewed on Optical Sloth.

Supplement by Ben Cherry reviewed on Optical Sloth.

Revenge of the Librarians by Tom Gauld on TCJ.

Forget my Name by Zerocalcare, translated by Carla Roncalli Di Montorio reviewed on TJC.

Tedward Classic Moves by Josh Pettinger & Simon Hanselmann reviewed by Ryan Carey.

Ashling Larkin’s Estrela d’Oeste on Broken Frontier.

Drew Lerman’s Tales of Old Snake Creek reviewed by Ryan Carey.

Maus Now: Selected Writing, edited by Hillary Chute reviewed by the Guardian.


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