Alt Comics #1.1: Extract: Audra Stang’s The Audra Show #6 + News & Licks (Sorry, Links).

Audra Show Number 6 by Audra Stang Cover

The Audra Show # 6 by Audra Stang

As Austin English puts it: “I am really into these Audra Show comics…they feel half from the past, in some kind of lively Archie style universe, and half in the present of expressive art mini comics. It’s a really beautiful combination. These are unique and well told stories that are a thrill to look at, sharply printed. Great work, extremely worth checking out!”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Comics in this issue: I’ll meet you at the window, Margaux’s Mirror, Meanwhile in 2008, Girl Shows, Firework, and Stang Family Christmas Destinations.

The Audra Show 6 by Audra Stang. 32 pages / “standard comic book” / full color on white paper.

Available direct from Audra Stang, also Domino and Radiator, and all good indie retailers, I presume.

Audra Show Number 6 by Audra Stang Excerpt 1
Audra Show Number 6 by Audra Stang Excerpt 2
Audra Show Number 6 by Audra Stang Excerpt 2

News & Links

Amazonian bloodbaths.

Oof. Amazon is apparently eliminating all jobs at its Comixology division. You can read about the supreme unpleasantness via Comics Beat:

Nate Garcia sells kisses.

Speaking of showering the comics community with love, Philadelphia wunderkind Nate Garcia is selling limited edition full color 8 x 10″ prints of his 2022 Alanzo Sneak one page Halloween Special. They come signed and sealed with a kiss. Now that’s love.

Not alt, but indie: Read Mercy, As Yet Through Blood by Sloane Leong online.

New Zines, Comics, Minis, & Graphic Novels at Quimby’s.

Coming up later in the week: John G. Miller, The Machine Detective, Gabrielle Bell, Deadcrow, and more….


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