Alt Comics #1.0: Andy Barron’s Om

Printed in a limited edition of 500, fantastical and absolutely gorgeous, Andy Barron’s Om chronicles the adventures of Om, an archetypal innocent, as he pinballs his way through an uncompromising world of primal cause and effect.

A wonderful addition to a long line of esoteric fable comics and cartoons that stretches from Jim Woodring all the way back to Bimbo’s Initiation.

Om by Andy Barron, 252 Pages, Soft cover + Reversible Dust Jacket, 6,7″ x 8,7″. The Mansion Press.

€25,00 from Mansion Press or $26.00 from Silver Sprocket.


Fantagraphics late January releases

Children of Palomar and Other Tales by Mario and Gilbert Hernandez, the fifteenth volume in the Complete Love and Rockets Library and the eighth Gilbert volume, includes the graphic novels Julio’s Day and The Children of Palomar, as well as never-before-collected work. $24.99. 280 Pages, Paperback / Softback, Black and white, 7.6″ × 9.3″.

The Chuckling Whatsit by Richard Sala. Sala at his spooky peak, back in print and in hardcover. $29.99. 200 Pages, Hardback, Full-color, 7.4″ × 10.3″.

The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers In the 21st Century and Other Follies by Gilbert Shelton and Paul Mavrides. The second collection of The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comics stories, featuring the Brothers’ trip to the 21st century and two Fat Freddy’s Cat solo escapades. $22.99. 144 Pages, Hardback, Full-color, 8.3″ × 10.6″. Available January 24th.

The Reddest Rose: Romantic Love from the Ancient Greeks to Reality TV by  Liv Strömquist (translation by Melissa Bowers). A collection of humorous comics essays about how historical and societal shifts have altered — and perhaps destroyed — “romantic love.” $24.99. 184 Pages, Paperback / Softback, Black and white, 6.9″ × 9.7″. Available January 31.

New at Domino Books

Meditations on First Philosophy by Goda Trakumaite. A ‘metaphysical science fiction adjacent story about time and matter.’ Well, there you go. $6.00. 22 Pages.

The New York Comics & Picture-story Symposium

The New York Comics & Picture-story Symposium schedule of events is now available. All events are online. Register by email, one week before event, Talks start at 7pm ET, except for Feb. 7th and May 9th begin at 5pm ET.

Ooh, Ron Rege on March 28th, lovely.

Coming Monday, 23rd of January: Alt Comics #1.2, featuring Audra Stang.