Xiang Yata Kickstarter from Driftwood Press.

Optometry by Xiang Yata

Optometry: A Graphic Novel by Xiang Yata & Driftwood Press.

“A woman’s visit to the optometrist catapults her through a multi-medium journey in this kaleidoscopic, experimental, 250-page, full-color graphic novel. As the eye doctor calibrates the optometry machine to investigate the faults and fractures in her eyes, our protagonist is transported to a new world, a place full of overlapping images, dots, curves, houses, and light reflections. As she struggles to navigate the various unique planes within the optometry world, she must confront the endless versions of herself to avoid becoming forever lost in a daze. In Optometry, artist Xiang Yata takes you on a journey through multiple art forms to investigate the myriad ways we perceive ourselves.”

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