The Times They Are A-Changin’ (Again!?!).

Last week, this site rebranded itself as The Comix Report. Along with the rebrand came the switch to a weekly posting schedule.

Great? No. Apparently not.

As it tuned out, the second part of that change, the scheduling bit, proved quite unpopular. The issue, it seems, is that many had hoped this site would evolve into something resembling an old fashioned news blog.

Who am I to argue?

And so, once again, I’m going to be shifting gears, refocusing and beginning the task of doing just that, turning The Comix Report into a daily news source.

Thinking about it, it all makes the name change even more appropriate. As a statement of intent, yes, but also as an indirect tribute to the grand-master of comics news blogs, the late, inspirational, and completely irreplaceable, Tom Spurgeon.

For email subscribers, don’t worry, I won’t start spamming your inboxes. Notifications will be limited to longer or more noteworthy posts. Previews, extracts, interviews and reviews, that kind of thing. To keep up to date on links, news, random pretty pictures, etc. you’ll have to check the site.

Also, looking at the statistics, there are certain news and link items that receive the bulk of the attention while the rest are mostly ignored. So, from now on, I’m going to be taking a more selective approach to the posting of such things.

Lastly, and definitely most importantly, it’s truly gratifying and very, very encouraging to realize that there are people out there paying enough attention to care about the fate and future of this humble blog.

Don’t be a stranger!


Illustration from Max Ernst’s 1934 collage comic A Week of Kindness.

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